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Getting in Bristol by Plane

Bristol Airport is situated 8 miles south-west of Bristol city centre and offers scheduled flights from major European cities.

It is a major base for both budget airlines Easyjet and Ryanair with nearly 80 destinations including: Amsterdam also with KLM, Paris also with Air France, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan, Rome, Prague, Krakow, Bratislava, Kaunas and Riga (but not London).

There is no train link between Bristol's airport and the city, but there is a 'Flyer' bus service (bus A1 and A2) that takes 30-45 minutes and has a peak-daytime frequency of every 10 minutes. It costs are £10 for a return ticket (the second part of which can be used up to a month after the first), £6 for a one-way to the city centre or £7 for a one-way to Clifton. There are student discounts on this service if you are a member of one of the local universities.

The alternative is to use one of the London airports or Birmingham airport and travel on to Bristol by train, car or bus. The most convenient are:

    * Heathrow Airport is about two hours drive straight down the M4 (westbound) motorway. The RailAir express bus service (running every 20 minutes) connects with the main London to Bristol rail service at Reading rail station; expect the total journey to take slightly over two hours. Another possibility is to use the Heathrow Express service to London Paddington and then take a train to Bristol Temple Meads from there, which is more expensive and slightly longer than the route via Reading, but possibly more convenient. There are also direct National Express coaches from Heathrow to Bristol, which take about two to two and a half hours (depending on whether they depart from Heathrow Central Bus station or T4/T5) and are often cheaper than a rail fare, especially during (rail) peak times. National Express coaches terminate at Marlborough Street coach station in the city centre.

    * Birmingham International is within quicker (and cheaper) reach of Bristol than London's two other airports, Gatwick and Stansted. By car it takes about 2 hours and you'll be avoiding the congestion-prone M25. Rail services connect Birmingham International to Bristol every 30 min at peak times with a change in Birmingham New Street. The journey takes between two and two and a half hours.

    * Gatwick Airport  is about three hours drive away via the M23 (northbound), M25 (clockwise) and M4 (westbound) motorways. Via train, it is cheapest to get the Gatwick Express to Victoria and take a bus to Bristol. Alternatively a train can be taken from Gatwick to Reading where you change to take a train straight to Bristol for a rough total of £50.

    * Stansted Airport is about three hours drive away via the M11 (southbound), M25 (anti-clockwise) and M4 (westbound) motorways. By train you will need to catch a Stansted Express train to London Liverpool Street station, the tube to London Paddington station, then follow the directions below; expect the total journey to take around three and a half hours. If you're traveling on a budget you can also take Route Express Bus A51 to from Liverpool Street Station to Stansted Airport. Costs £9 for a single, and only takes about 10 minutes longer then the train.

    * Cardiff International Airport
is about one hour west of Bristol, going northbound from Culverhouse Cross, to J33 of the M4, then Eastbound, to Bristol. Alternatively take the train direct from Cardiff Airport, to Cardiff Central Station, then take another train to Bristol Temple Meads Station .

When coming from London, the cheapest way is generally by coach or rail.
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