Restaurants in Bristol

Bristol is home to some of the best restaurants in the south-west of England. Over the last decade Bristol has expanded its variety of cuisine and now has an enormous selection of places to eat out, serving food from all over the world.

These eateries range from basic snack bars and coffee shops, to high-class Bristol restaurants and gourmet haunts. Independent restaurants in Bristol are thriving, and the redevelopment of old industrial and dock warehouses has contributed to their success.

Bristol has some of the best cafés, coffee shops, bistros, pubs and restaurants in England and a truly world-class selection, many of which are located in the heart of the city centre. With more than 100 local dining establishments, these are usually excellent value for money and some offer discounts on meals for both children and senior citizens eating out.

Each area of Bristol has its own atmosphere, with the cafés, restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs boasting their own unique style. The city's traditional public houses are situated at the end of cobbled alleys and hidden lanes in Clifton area of Bristol. In the Harbourside area, trendy restaurants and bars line the way, and this is a particularly lively and social area, especially at night.
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