Broadmead is more than just a shopping area - it's a great place in which to spend the day and an area full of hidden gems.

Since the recent transformation of the pedestrianised streets in 2008, Broadmead has been given a new lease of life.  Now the emphasis is on pleasant wide, uncluttered, streets and open spaces in which to dwell and watch the world go by.

Broadmead retains some very interesting ancient buildings.  The Arcade which connects Broadmead to The Horsefair is a fine example of a Victorian shopping arcade - it  is home to some of Broadmead's best independent stores as well as to Starbucks and West Cornwall Pasty.

Although Broadmead is based in the heart of Bristol, it has several parks within 50 metres.  Castle Park is full of history and is a great favourite with visitors to the City Centre Retail area.  Also St James Park, just across The Haymarket from Broadmead provides another haven from the busy shopping area. You will also find, tucked away in the midst of Broadmead, accessed from The Horsefair the John Wesley Chapel courtyard garden, where visitors are encouraged to take a break and enjoy the calm quiet atmosphere.
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