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Brixham Crab With A Crown Of Avocado

An enticing seafood dish from Taunton's Castle Hotel.

Serves: 2 People


2 avocados, perfectly ripe
1 large hen crab or 1 small cock crab
Lime juice
Salt and pepper
1 tsp honey
1 tsp lemon juice
Salt and black pepper
50 ml avocado oil


Cut the avocados in half (lengthways), peel and remove the stone. Using a small sharp knife, slice the fruit into thin slices, only about 2 mm thick, but making sure that the flesh is still joined together on one side. Now curl the flesh into a crown shape, brush with the avocado oil and season. Take the white and brown meat from the crab. Mix together and season with salt, pepper, lime juice and zest to taste (fresh herbs are optional). Line the avocado crown with baby leaves and herbs. Pile the crab in the centre and drizzle dressing around the plate.
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