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Mana Pools National Park Offers A great Holiday Experience

The 2nd World Heritage Site of Zimbabwe, Mana Pools National Park is situated on the middle reaches of the Zambezi River, about 70 miles below Lake Kariba in the heart of the Zambezi Valley.

The word Mana is taken from the Shona, which means four in numbers and it reflects to the four large enduring pools that have been created by the winding Zambezi River, adding another feature to any safari in the shape of canoe expeditions.

Mana Pools National Park has a unique feature, being the only with species like buffalos, elephants and lions, in which you may walk solitary and such freedom, along with the large and diverse wildlife populace and the varied landscape. It is undoubtedly a rapture for adventurous and nature lovers, because of the four enduring pools of the park, the area is teeming for year around with a profusion of wildlife and such implausible wildlife viewing opportunities, surely take you to the height of a unforgettable game viewing experience.

For a great holiday experience you can anytime take advantage to fly with frequented flights to Harare, the entire area of the Mana Pools gives a park like appearance with huge acacia albida trees tower over what appears to be, from a distance at least, a vigilantly manicured lawn. A definite and excited enjoyment can even be availed through canoeing, as canoe safari groups organize guided canoe trails down the Zambezi from Kariba in the west and to Kanyemha in the east. Each trip features a lifetime experience that is escorted by competent, well-trained and qualified guide.

All sorts of birdlife and wild animal are sighted at close hand as the canoe glides mutely pass, therefore visitors can glide within meters of grazing buffalo, gaze at wading elephants and get pleasure from a sense of freedom, openness and a sense of being absolutely in the surroundings that is hard to equivalent to another place. August to October are said to be the best period to visit this for viewing wildlife and birdlife at its peak in this dry season all species come to the river to drink and graze along its banks and for Game viewing June and July is the best period.
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