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Caprivi Strip A great safari destination

Formerly known as Itenge, Caprivi Strip is actually named after the German Chancellor Leo Von Caprivi, who is said to have negotiated the acquirement of the land in an 1890 exchange with the United Kingdom.

He is supposed to have arranged for Caprivi to be seized to German South-West Africa in line to give an easy access to the Germans to Zambezi River and a way to Africa’s east coast, which then homes the Tanganyika, Tanzania, a German colony of that period. There has been an unfortunate with the Germans that the British colonization of Zimbabwe and Zambia blocked them well upstream of Victoria Falls that proved to be a substantial obstruction to steering on the Zambezi.

During WWI the Caprivi Strip was again taken over by English authorities and governed as part of Bechuanaland, because of having less attention from the administration, it was known as a lawless frontier. It is really an ideal destination for the tourists who are fan of photography, game viewing, nature and bird watching. In its recent history, the administration for the South West Africa suggested the self-governance for the Caprivi in 1976; it is the only region that shares its boundaries with 4 other members of the Southern African Development Communities, Zambia, Angola, Zimbabwe and Botswana. Population of the Strip speaks a number of African languages, most are in the Bantu family, although Khoisan language, Hukwe is also spoken, yet the Bantu languages including Yeyi, Mbukushu, Gciriku, Fwe, Totela, and Subiya are dominant over the area.

The region is rich in mineral resources and wildlife and provides important locale for the significantly dying out African Wild Dog, Lycaon Pictus. Katima Mulilo is the capital town of the Caprivi Strip positioned on the Zambezi River and it is the only major town of the area surrounded by beautiful villages. Katima Mulilo used to be a base for the South African army. This remote town gained importance because the military operations against the national liberation movement were controlled from here. Flights to Namibia are the best option to arrive here for wonderful lifetime experience of endangered wildlife and the natural beauty.

The Strip has yet another significance being encircled by the four perpetual rivers of the area, Linyanti, Chobe, Kwando and the great Zambezi. Mahango National Park is a small reserve to be found in a small corner of the Caprivi Strip neighboring Botswana. It is considered as the nature lover’s paradise, with lush foliage, it contains the Namibia’s highest count of bird species and a range of wildlife. The Bwabwata National Park is in fact a combination of the Mahango and the Western Caprivi Game Park; it has elephants, buffaloes, antelopes, hyenas, lions, hippos and leopards. In fact, the entire Caprivi Stripe seems to be a game reserve, it has many other national parks along with some other attractions including a relaxed town of Rundu, Mamili National Park, Susuwe Triangle, Kongola, Mududmu National Park, Impalila Island, Lizauli Village, Tiger Fishing, Salambala Conservancy, Popa Falls and the local festivals.
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