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The Observatory

On the Downs, near the Suspension Bridge, is the Clifton Observatory. This was originally a snuff mill, built by James Waters but partially destroyed during a gale in ...

St Werburgh's Church

St Werburgh's Church, Bristol is a former church and climbing centre in St Werburghs, Bristol, England.

Avon Gorge

Down the many centuries as ships sailed up to the port and from even before the city existed, the Avon Gorge has made a lasting impression on all who have seen it.

St Augustine the Less

St Augustine the Less was founded by the canons of the Augustinian abbey or college as a chapel for people who lived in houses on abbey lands but outside the actual abbey ...

St John the Baptist

The origins of this church go back at least to the 12th Century, but it was wholly rebuilt on a section of the town wall in the late 1300s.

Royal York Crescent

Perhaps the most well-known of the terrraces is Royal York Crescent. Set on the hillside, it is majestically visible from the gorge below and across the harbour.

St. Nicholas Church

The church beside Bristol Bridge is dedicated to the patron saint of sailors. It was built into the town wall, with its chancel over St Nicholas Gate. When the bridge was rebuilt in the eighteenth century, ...

Church of All Saints

The church of All Saints, formerly known as All Hallows, was founded in Norman times. It was the church of the Guild of Kalendars, who kept the town records in order.


At-Bristol is a public science and technology "exploration" and education centre and charity in Bristol, England.

Corn Exchange

The corn exchange was built in 1753 to replace older facilities. Although, of course, corn was traded, the hall was used by merchants to sell and trade different kind of goods. During the decades, goods from ...
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