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Red Lodge

The Red Lodge is a historic Elizabethan house, which has been 'modernised' and restored several times throughout its 400 year history.

M Shed

Situated on the historic Harbourside, M Shed is the much anticipated and exciting new history museum of Bristol that tells the story of our city.

Brunel's ss Great Britain

Imagine stepping back in time, on board the world's first great ocean liner, Brunel's ss Great Britain, in Bristol's historic Harbourside.

Millennium Square

Millennium Square is a location in the centre of Bristol, England. It was built as part of the At Bristol development, and has become a popular public area.

Bristol Aquarium & IMAX 3D Cinema

The spectacular Bristol Aquarium in Bristol's historic Harbourside area takes you and your family and friends on a spectacular undersea safari.

Bristol Zoo

Bristol Zoo is a zoo in the city of Bristol in South West England. The zoo's stated mission is "Bristol Zoo Gardens maintains and defends biodiversity through breeding endangered species, conserving ...

St James' church

St James' church was originally built as that of a small priory of Benedictine monks, founded in the 1120s by Earl Robert of Gloucester.

Bristol Cathedral

The origins of Bristol Cathedral lie in the abbey founded in 1140 by Robert FitzHarding, a wealthy merchant, Provost of Bristol and Lord of Berkeley.

St Paul's Church

The foundation stone of St Paul's in Portland Square was laid in 1789 and the church was opened in 1794.

Wills Memorial Tower of Bristol University

The Wills Memorial Tower of Bristol University is in Queens Road, At 215 feet, it is twice the height of the Cabot Tower and much more solid and grandiose. The tower, designed by George Herbert Oatley, is ...
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