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St Werburgh's Church

St Werburgh's Church, Bristol is a former church and climbing centre in St Werburghs, Bristol, England.

St. Werburghs is situated in the St Werburgh's area in central north-east Bristol, England, which became known as St.Werburghs when St Werburghs Church was relocated (and substantially rebuilt) to Mina Road in this district from Corn Street, Bristol in 1879. It is now a Climbing Centre run by Undercover Rock.

St Werburgh's church was removed from Corn Street for road widening purposes in 1878. St Werburgh's tower was built in 1385 and was described when it was taken down as being a fine example of 14th century work, of four stages with openwork lattice battlements.

Many mayors and sheriffs of Bristol had been buried within the church and churchyard, as was Nicholas Thorne, founder of the Grammar School, whose memorial brass was one of several there. The hundred lead coffins and all other human remains were re-buried at Greenbank Cemetery.

The church was re-erected in the Baptist Mills area, the new suburb becoming known as St Werburghs.The removed building consisted of the tower, a nave and two aisles separated by arches, but when it was rebuilt it was given a chancel as well, as it would have had originally, before a past remodelling.
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