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St. Nicholas Church

The church beside Bristol Bridge is dedicated to the patron saint of sailors. It was built into the town wall, with its chancel over St Nicholas Gate. When the bridge was rebuilt in the eighteenth century, the upper part of the church had to be demolished.

A new church in the Gothic style went up over the medieval crypt. St Nicholas was gutted by bombs in the Blitz, but its shell now houses Bristol and Region Archaeological Services.

Close to Bristol Brige, you will find many churches in Bristol's old town. Some of them were destroyed and left as a mounment, some of them are not in use anymore. One of the churches I saw was St. Nicholas, which is the closest one to the bridge. St. Nicholas is a medieval church with its crypt dating from the 13th century. Like many other churches, it was rebuilt and altered several times during the centuries, especially after rebuilding of Bristol bridge which made a partly destruction of the church necessary. The final fate of St. Nicholas was sealed during the german bombing of 1940. On Novembner 25th, the inner of the church burnt out. It lasted over 30 years until rebuilding was completed. The church was never used as a church again, but opened in the early 1970s as an ecclestial museum. Later, it was used by the tourist office and in 2000 Bristol Archeology Services moved in. The crypt is not in accesible for visitors anymore, but a walk around the church is also nice. St. Nicholas church has also given its name to a popular market which takes place nearby.
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