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Corn Exchange

The corn exchange was built in 1753 to replace older facilities. Although, of course, corn was traded, the hall was used by merchants to sell and trade different kind of goods. During the decades, goods from overseas trade became dominant.

Today, the exchange is part of St. Nicholas' markets, which has become quite popular.

In front of the corn exchange, you can still see some pillars, sometimes called "nails", which were used in many english markets. After bargaining, business was completed by putting money on this pillar. The term "to pay on the nail" comes from these transactions.

Take also a look at the clock. It has two hands shwoing the minutes. While the black hand shows Greenwhich Mean Time, the red one shows "Bristol time". As Bristol is located 200 kms west to London, the sun rises and sets 9 minutes later than in London. Such different times were common until the introduction of new means of communications and faster means of transport (railways) made a standardisation of time necessary. Today, nobody uses "Bristol time" of course, but the red hand is still an interesting remain of past times.

Address: Corn Street
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