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Clifton Suspension Bridge

A suspension bridge that spans the Avon Gorge resting on high cliffs above the muddy waters is definitely one of the most known landmarks of Bristol and a great example of 19th century engineering.

The bridge was designed by Islambard Brunel who won the design competition that was held in 1829, but did not live long enough to see it completed.

The bridge is impressive seen from the side and so are the impressive views that can be seen when you walk across the bridge. To cross the bridge cars have to pay a small fee while pedestrians go for free. There is a Visitor's Centre nearby that houses and exhibition about the bridge's history.

The Bridge is also known as a suicide bridge. Between 1974 and 1993, 127 people fell to their deaths from the bridge. Now fences are really high, there are cameras everywhere and in order to fit into the age of mobile phones old SOS phone lines are replaced by plaques displaying the number of Samaritan's care that is waiting for your call day and night. So, if you have suicidal tendencies you better find some other high point in Bristol
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